Joanne Lynn Galligan

 Joanne is a Toronto-based Aerial Circus Instructor, Calisthenics Coach, and Personal Trainer.  She currently coaches in Toronto and across Canada.  

Training circus arts since 2005, and teaching since 2009, she has had the opportunity to travel across Canada, the USA, and Europe coaching athletes, actors and dancers.

She completed her Personal Training Certification through CanFitPro (2015), the CrossFit Gymnastics Course (2017), as well as her Foundation Level Trapeze Teacher training from the New England Center for Circus Arts. 

She firmly believes in hard work, but also that fitness should have an element of fun for it to be sustainable.



Joanne has had the privilege of training with so many amazing coaches and athletes from around the world, and continues to seek out opportunities to learn from the best in fields relating to Circus, Calisthenics and CrossFit gymnastics.


  • Michael Lanphear (Aerial Straps, Coach for Cirque du Soleil)
  • Pawel Walczewski (Aerial Straps, Cirque du Soleil performer – VOLTA)
  • Elsie & Serenity Smith (NECCA, Vermont)
  • Aimee Hancock (NECCA, Vermont)
  • Niff Nicholls (Secret Circus, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Megan Gendell (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Jonathin Fortin (Aerial Straps)
  • April Moore Skelton (Frequent Flyers, Boulder, CO)
  • Charlie Faraday (Aerial Silks + Trapeze)
  • Decker LaDouceur (Owner + Coach, Toronto School of Circus Arts)


  • 2019 // ARC Gymnastics Seminar (formerly SYN), Simon Nieland
  • 2017 // The Gymnastics Course, formerly CrossFit Gymnastics Course, Tony Ronchi
  • 2016 // Freestyle Connection, Carl Paoli


  • Working at Heights (Worksite Safety Compliance Centre, Ontario)
  • First Aid CPR & AED (St. John’s Ambulance)
  • Rigging and Slinging (Leavitt Training)


I have been a student of Joanne‘s since 2013. Her classes are challenging and fun….she encourages her students and celebrates their successes. Joanne is positive and enthusiastic.

She has worked with me to put together routines for performances and I find myself doing a performance that I never thought possible. Take a class (or classes) with her, you will learn the most incredible things.

Matthew Stevenson